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Realistic Terrain Generation (RTG) — Realistic Biomes, Huge Mountains, Custom Trees, Truly Flat Terrain, Breathtaking Landscapes

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Realistic Terrain Generation (RTG) is a mod that adds a new world type which generates realistic terrain. It doesn’t add new blocks. It doesn’t add new mobs. It doesn’t even add new biomes. It simply generates more realistic-looking terrain for existing Overworld biomes (including those added by other mods).


This mod is a re-branded fork of the revolutionary Realistic World Gen mod by ted80. It was created as a new project because it was expected to deviate from ted80’s original vision for RWG, and the author of this mod didn’t want to interfere with that vision.

RTG is brought to you by Team RTG and contains a number of contributions from various members of the Minecraft modding community. It also uses KdotJPG’s OpenSimplex Noise to generate its terrain.



We are planning to update RTG to 1.12, but there is no estimated release date. Please be patient.


We are planning to update RTG to 1.11.2, but there is no estimated release date. Please be patient.


All downloads for 1.10.2 can also be found in the Releases section on GitHub.

Important! You will also need to install either Climate Control OR BiomeTweaker if you wish to control the way vanilla biomes generate (e.g. enable/disable, change biome weight, change biome size, etc.), or if you want to use any of the following biome-adding mods:

(Note: All other biome-adding mods that RTG supports do NOT require Climate Control or BiomeTweaker.)


All downloads for 1.8.9 can also be found in the Releases section on GitHub.

Important! You will also need to install either Climate Control OR BiomeTweaker if you wish to control the way vanilla biomes generate (e.g. enable/disable, change biome weight, change biome size, etc.), or if you want to use any of the following biome-adding mods:

(Note: All other biome-adding mods that RTG supports do NOT require Climate Control or BiomeTweaker.)

(Please note that RTG for 1.8.9 is currently in beta, which means that it should primarily be used for testing purposes. If you plan to use RTG for 1.8.9 in a ‘live’ environment, be sure to generate a new world, and be aware that newer versions may not be backwards-compatible.)


All downloads for 1.7.10 can also be found in the Releases section on GitHub.

Important! You will also need to install either Climate Control OR BiomeTweaker if you wish to control the way vanilla biomes generate (e.g. enable/disable, change biome weight, change biome size, etc.), or if you want to use any of the following biome-adding mods:

(Note: All other biome-adding mods that RTG supports do NOT require Climate Control or BiomeTweaker.)

Did you know? Whilst not required, it is strongly recommended that you also install FastCraft for increased performance.


Did you know? RTG is only required server-side, so if you’re hosting a modded server or putting together a mod pack, your users don’t even need to have RTG installed! In fact, if your server is using server-side mods exclusively (no client-side mods), then your users can connect to your FORGE server using a VANILLA client (without Forge installed).


RTG configuration

When you launch Minecraft after installing RTG for the first time, a folder called RTG gets created in your config folder. The RTG folder contains the main configuration file (rtg.cfg) and another folder called biomes which contains separate config files for each of the biome-adding mods that RTG supports (as well as a config file for vanilla biomes).

Inside RTG’s config files, you’ll find options for tweaking various aspects of your Minecraft world: biomes, caves, dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, villages, and more. Each option contains a brief description about what the setting does, but if you’re still not sure about a particular setting, feel free to post your questions in the thread.

Climate Control configuration

When you launch Minecraft after installing Climate Control (CC) for the first time, the main configuration file (climatecontrol.cfg) gets created in your config folder, along with a folder called ‘ClimateControl’ which contains some additional config files. If you installed a supported biome-adding mod, there will also be a config file in the ‘ClimateControl’ folder that is specific to that mod.

CC’s default settings should be fine for most users. However, if you’re not sure about a particular option, feel free to post your questions in the thread.

BiomeTweaker configuration

When you launch Minecraft after installing BiomeTweaker for the first time, a folder called ‘BiomeTweaker’ gets created in your config folder. Inside that folder you will find the main configuration file (BiomeTweaker.cfg), an example config file (ExampleTweaks.cfg), and a folder called ‘output’ which contains a .json file for each registered biome.

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If you’re comfortable using mods like MineTweaker and ModTweaker, then you’ll have no problem with BiomeTweaker. However, if you’re new to the art of ‘tweaking’, then we would recommend that you use Climate Control instead, as it’s much easier to configure.

To make it easier for everyone to get up and running with RTG & BiomeTweaker, we’ve created a set of working tweaks that you can use to get started. To use the tweaks below, just download the ‘BiomeTweaker.cfg’ and ‘RTG.cfg’ files for your relevant mod setup and move them to your BiomeTweaker folder. (If you’re using more than one biome-adding mod, you will need to create your own tweaks.)

(Note: Only Biomes O’ Plenty, Highlands, and ATG require BiomeTweaker, but we have included working tweaks for all supported mods should you still want to use it for any of those.)

Public chat

Join the official RTG Discord Server to chat with Team RTG and other members of the RTG community!


[1.10.2] Mod showcase by 7ERr0r using RTG-1.10.2-

[1.9] Mod showcase by MrLonelydwarf using RTG-1.9-2.0.0-alpha.4 (Alpha):


Click here to view the screenshots on the Imgur website.

Biome support

RTG currently generates realistic versions of all vanilla biomes, as well as the biomes from these mods:

Mod compatibility

RTG is compatible with most mods, including (but not limited to):

Actually Additions, Applied Energistics 2, AgriCraft, Ancient Trees, Animals+, Ars Magica 2, Alternate Terrain Generation (ATG), Battle Towers, Better Villages, Biomes O’ Plenty, BiomeTweaker, Blood Magic, Botania, BuildCraft, Butterfly Mania, Chocolate Quest, Climate Control, Deadly World, Deep Resonance, Dense Ores, DoggyStyle, Dooglamoo Cities Mod, Doomlike Dungeons, Draconic Evolution, Ender Zoo, Enhanced Biomes, EnviroMine, Et Futurum, Ex Nihilo, ExtraBiomesXL, Forestry, Fossils and Archeology, Galacticraft, Gany’s Mods, GrowthCraft, Highlands, Immersive Engineering, Just a Few Fish, Lycanite’s Mobs, Magnanimous Tools, Magneticraft, Mariculture, Metallurgy, Millenaire, Minechem, MineFactory Reloaded, Mo’ Creatures, Mutant Creatures, Natura, Nevermine, Oceancraft, OreSpawn, Pam’s HarvestCraft, Plant Mega Pack, Primitive Mobs, Project Red, Quark, RailCraft, ReactorCraft, Recurrent Complex, Reika’s Mods, RFTools, Roguelike Dungeons, Ruins, Streams, Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, Tinkers’ Construct, Tough as Nails, Twilight Forest, Underground Biomes Constructs, Wild Caves, Witchery, WTF’s Mods, and many more!

Unfortunately, however, RTG is not compatible with the following mods:

  • Wildycraft — crashes on startup
  • TerraFirmaCraft — deviates too far from standard biome generation
  • Terrain Control / Biome Bundle — Incompatible terrain generators


To see the full history of changes, please refer to the Releases section on GitHub.

Known issues

RTG’s list of known issues can be found here.

dormantChunkCacheSize=0 — Please be advised that some users have reported problems with entities despawning when changing the Forge config setting dormantChunkCacheSize. As such, we recommend that you use the default value for this setting (dormantChunkCacheSize=0).

No realistic version of biome X — If you disable biome patching, you may experience crashes that contain this message: «java.lang.RuntimeException: No realistic version of biome X», where X is a biome ID. This crash is usually caused by either a biome ID conflict of some sort, or by a mod that adds a biome which RTG doesn’t support. Here are some things you can do to help prevent this crash from happening:

Frequently asked questions

When will RTG be updated for X.Y.Z?

Please be patient.

May I use RTG in my public/private mod pack?

Please see ‘Mod pack policy’ section below.

Does RTG add any new blocks/items to the game?

Does RTG add any new biomes?

No. RTG only affects vanilla biomes and biomes that have been added by other mods.

Does RTG add any dimensions?

Does RTG add any mobs?

Does RTG generate realistic terrain in non-Overworld biomes (e.g. The Nether, The End, etc.)?

No. RTG only affects the Overworld.

How should I report issues/bugs/crashes?

You may report issues in this thread, but please use spoiler tags or pastebin for crash reports, and please describe what you were doing immediately before the crash. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to resolve the issue.

How do I prevent a biome from generating?

RTG does not provide a way for you to disable biomes. To prevent a biome from generating, you must disable it via the config files of the mod that adds it. In the case of vanilla biomes, you must use either Climate Control or BiomeTweaker.

Mod pack policy

You may use RTG in your public or private mod pack as long the following conditions are met:

  • You understand and accept that RTG is in active development, which means that it could change radically from version to version, with no guarantee of backwards-compatibility.
  • You understand and accept that only the latest version of RTG per Minecraft version will be supported at any given time.
  • You must credit ‘Team RTG’ as the author of this mod and link back to this forum thread.
  • Your mod pack must be made available to everyone, free of charge. If your modpack is private, it must be made available free of charge to whomever is given access to it.
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Realistic Terrain Generation (RTG) — generates realistic-looking terrain for existing Overworld biomes
Lonely Biome — generates worlds that consist of a single biome
Passable Leaves — walk through leaves, fall through leaves, ride horses through leaves
No Fist — prevents players from breaking blocks with their fist, and damages them if they try
[WIP] [RTG addon] Appalachia — realistic biomes inspired by the Appalachian region of North America

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Nice! I’ll be testing this out this week sometime. Hopefully this will replace ATG for me once some of the biome mod compatibility is in place. Thanks for your work!

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yesssssss! Will this also have the end portal spawn in the world now aswell? I dont think RWG spawned the portals at all.

Also, when a beta release or release is ready, would you consider using curseforge, enabling curse packs to use RTG?

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First, awesome that you got this going as it would be a shame if this died. Do you have oceans working in your version? Would you like use to test mods that generate stuff with your released versions now or just wait for beta?

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I’ve just recently discovered RWG (and your variation/continuation) and am extremely amazed. I’ve never really tested experimental mods, but I’ll try testing yours! I’ve been looking for a mod that basically gives simply superb world generation, because, let’s face it, vanilla world generation seems «ugly» now.

I believe one of your plans is to remove the «rtg/rwg_biomehere» type of biomes? And replace them with simply vanilla biomes (as they don’t add any new blocks anyways)? If so, I applaud you and simply cannot wait for that update!

I also have some questions/suggestions

  • «Ocean, Deep Ocean, and all the other vanilla Overworld biomes are generating alongside the legacy ‘rwg_’ biomes in the latest alpha release (0.0.4).» — Do you mean that regular vanilla world generation occurs alongside the typical RWG world generation? Just asking to clarify!
  • Will these oceans have the issue of. you know. consistently and constantly spanning forever?
  • Have you ever used/heard of Alternate Terrain Generation (ATG)? That mod adds this amazing «biome» called Volcano which is basically has a giant lava pit at the top of some extremely tall mountains. Could you potentially add something similar? (Or the ability to add that, I suppose)
  • I’m not sure if it’s this mod, but in my worlds I see tons and tons of tiny cobblestone clusters everywhere. (Like consistent clusters of where there shouldn’t be.)

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One of the other mods I’ve been using is OreSpawn, which needs vanilla biomes. (That and Biomes O’ Plenty makes everything really rare!) And finding that I can’t effectively use that mod and RWG together made me sad, but your changes can make those things happen! Thank you so much!

Oh yeah, I generated a new world and spawned in the Vanilla Mushroom Island biome. I was like «Woah!» But speaking of the way biomes generate.. I believe it was in RWG, but is there a way to prevent snow biomes from generating directly next to desert ones? It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s not a game breaker.

Ah! Thank you so much! (Neat feature, but they generated too much for my liking. Potential frequency option later on?)

Again thank you so, so much for this and I whole hardheartedly support this.

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RWG did a much better job at this than the current RTG alpha, but the plan is to include ‘climate’ as part of the definition of ‘realistic’ so it’s definitely something I’ll be looking to improve.

Yes, a frequency option is a great idea. I’ll add it as a feature request on the GitHub page.

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To clarify my question from the other thread:

Let’s say I have a server, and the overworld has your terrain generation. If another dimension wants to generate a planes biome, will it generate the vanilla plains, or your plains?

In other words, do you, in the process of making the biome more realistic, alter the biome table?

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Climate: Feel free to push for a forge change to the biome data to include climate data. I didn’t get any support for that when I tried :-).

(In regard to a mod that gives realistic animal genetics):
Would you really rather have bees that make diamonds and oil with magical genetic blocks?
. did I really ask that?

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I wouldn’t really know if this is a bug or simply a part of how things work (still getting used to the mod myself), but are the biomes supposed to.. well, merge like this? It doesn’t look bad in any sense, but the hills go from being half dunes to half mountainous terrain, and then after that past this mountain I ran into this:

WARNING! Another Large Image!

Are the Mesa «hills» supposed to have all these holes in them at the top? I’ve noticed it’s ONLY at the top of specifically Mesas and quite frequently.

WARNING! Yet Again Another Large Image!

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Oh my gosh. This thread is everything I’ve ever dreamed of (short of Ted actually continuing development and introducing all of the stuff he teased). If you need any help bug fixing or a Patreon or something, I would love to help. Thanks so much for reviving this.

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Thank you man for keeping this mod going !!

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Yeah, I’m pretty much decided now on the addon approach for classic RWG biomes (and other non-vanilla biomes). I really want to keep RTG simple and concentrate on making the best realistic vanilla biomes it can, whilst supporting the most popular biome-adding mods out of the box, and keeping the API robust enough so that other mod authors can have some control over how their biomes are generated in RTG. If I can pull that off, I’ll be happy.

Unfortunately, having spent the last few days immersed in the depths of RTG’s legacy code and getting virtually nowhere, I think I’m going to have to re-write the underlying logic of how the biomes are ‘stitched together’ from scratch because I just can’t seem to make any sense of it. There’s so much ‘test’ code and unfinished code experiments that I just can’t get my head around what it’s actually doing behind the scenes. And the parts I do understand. whilst I’m sure it was a great foundation to build on for what RWG was trying to do, it’s probably not the best foundation for what I want to try and do with RTG.

So. I’m going to aim to release alpha 0.0.6 this weekend with some bug fixes and enhancements, and then after that I’m going to start re-writing the foundation, which might take a week or two (or three!), but it will be worth it in the end. I’m still keeping most of the realistic ‘algorithms’ so you guys don’t have to worry about losing any of the spectacular terrain that you’ve come to expect (including the long winding rivers).

And of course, I’ll keep you all updated on progress.

Thank you for your dedication and attempts on improving/continuing the mod. I, personally, and most likely others are extremely happy that you’re doing this.

I’m not sure why anyone would want the other biomes with RWG (due to mod incompatibilities), but more power to them. Is there any way you can simply rename them to «Hot Plains» rather than «rwg_hotplains» or something? As someone who uses a mod to display the biome I’m in whilst traveling (or even using F3), it looks «ugly» compared to a regular name.

I’m sorry you weren’t able to wrap your head around the code, but I’m glad you’re not deciding to quit. I literally made a Curse Account just so I could comment on this thread, because this is the first mod I’ve actually been extremely happy about and anticipated. (I’m a major sucker for beautiful world generation.) Keep up the good work, though! I can’t wait for the day that I’ll happily implement this mod into the private modpacks I make for my friends and I.

As for the 0.0.6 update, what types of bug fixes/enhancements are you looking at? If it fixes the mushroom island issue and the biome mixing slightly, I’ll actually put this in my private modpack I’m currently working on. But definitely don’t rush yourself to rewrite the code and always stay true to what you want in the mod personally. I’d also like to say that in the near future, I’d potentially like to donate like $10 or so to you, if that’s something you’re willing to accept.